Monday, June 22, 2015

WIP: New Berzerker

Here's the original 'zerker, not looking too great but I tried out some weathering on his armor using a sponge and Vallejo gunmetal silver or whatever it's called. I also added GW Chainmail highlights to the brass bits, but over all it looks too gold:

I should have thinned the paint. I think I'd have liked it, otherwise. I may or may not bother painting the red trim around the silver "damage."

Here is the second 'zerker. This time again using Carroburg Crimson to wash the armor after a Bloodletter Glaze. The trim is Warplock Bronze with a wash of Agrax Earthshade followed by highlights of Balthasar Gold and Vallejo Brass:

I'm liking it so far. Notice on the back of his "bunny ears" I started messing with a sort of crosshatch type effect with the highlights. I like it, and the next time I'll try to be a little more systematic about it. The surface is large and flat, and only using edge highlights on it when it's being hit by the light source just doesn't make sense or look right. The way I painted it still doesn't look quite right, but it's a start!

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