Saturday, June 20, 2015

WIP: Botching a Berzerker

Well, I am still learning after all...

I sorta botched this berzerker a bit:

I drybrushed some stuff with a Vallejo silver (I forget the name right now) then glazed the red parts with Bloodletter Glaze:

Then I washed the red armor with Carroburg Crimson (accidentally doing some of the upper surfaces but trying to stick to recesses a bit) and the brass parts with Agrax Earthshade:

And then edge highlighting the armor with Mephiston Red followed by Vallejo Vermillion, and the brass parts with Vallejo Brass:

I got a bit sloppy with his faceplate highlights and his eyes. I'll really have to do a better job on the next 'zerker...

For this one, I still have to finish edge highlights on the brass using some sort of silver color, redo the eyes, then battle damage on the armor and blood on his chainaxe.

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