Sunday, June 14, 2015

WIP: Cultists Almost Done!

Here we have them just about finished, other than basing. You know, I swear they look much better in person. The camera flash has a way of erasing the transition between colors. Not that they look great or perfect or anything near it, but I hate the way they look in these photos but I'm quite satisfied with the way they look in person.

Not that you couldn't tell based on the quality, but I am not that good at painting. There are lots of mistakes that I just had to accept, because my goal (for now) is tabletop quality. I have a ridiculous amount of unassembled and unpainted minis that just need to get done!

Blood for the Blood God is the coolest thing EVER. It's like painting with blood, or some sort of bloody syrup. You know, like the kind mom gave you when you were home with a fever. "You need your strength to take those skulls, sweety. Open wide!"


  1. The blends on the leather and cloaks on these fellows are really well done. Great work! (I know the flash hurts them a bit, but i can still see all that hard work!)

    1. Thanks very much, Greg. Hopefully as I chew my way through this pile of plastic my skills will improve even more! I've been fiddling with the paint scheme for my Chaos Marines, haven't made up my mind completely but maybe there will be a few different variants given the nature of a warband.