Thursday, June 4, 2015

More Brass Tests

I think this is going to conclude my drybrushing adventures, for now. I liked it on the airbrushed flesh of the hounds, but on armor I'm really not liking the results so far.

Here is the earlier terminator that was drybrushed after nihilakh oxide highlighted with Vallejo brass. I think it is a bit too gold. It looks better in the picture than in person, I suppose:

Here is a terminator that was basecoated with warplock bronze, washed with nuln oil, and then drybrushed with vallejo brass and sloppy edge highlighting with Vallejo old gold:

Here's one basecoated with warplock bronze, drybrushed with balthasar gold, washed with nuln oil, and then drybrushed with Vallejo bronze:

And then drybrushed with a bit of Vallejo old gold:

And finally some highlights with Vallejo brass:

All in all, it isn't a terrible scheme, but I don't think I'm liking the drybrush method so much on armor. I've been reading/watching some GW tutorials, and I'm going to try a few minis that utilize the method of metallic basecoat > wash > edge highlight > second edge highlight. The Blood Angels gold bits and Bloodthirster/Wrathmongers brass stuff is a decent starting point.

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