Thursday, June 18, 2015

WIP: Khorne Berzerkers

Went back to school this week to begin work on my second bachelor's degree, so I have way less time to work on stuff.

I decided to start on the power armor, specifically the Berzerkers which I have a ton of. This way I can experiment with some techniques and not really care about the results because I have ~30 'zerkers worth of the Forge World conversion kits to build in the future when my painting game is strong. The old ones are still cool, but the quality of the sculpt is just not up to modern standards. So many of the trim portions blend in seamlessly with the power armor plates, and it ends up looking funky.

I'll be rebasing these on 32mm bases eventually, I think. I was a bit sloppy when I based them so I ended up with rocks on their feet and such. Trying to build things separately nowadays to avoid that sort of thing.

As with many others, I was inspired by Nordicus's airbrushed CSM army. Not to say that his army is simple or mine looks anything close to his, but the method itself appears to be simple and rather effective.

I'm new to airbrushing, so I sought out a guide on painting power armor. I found a tutorial from Den of Imagination on painting a Khornate CSM, and changed up the colors to suit my own preference.

I started by basecoating with Vallejo Air Fire Red:

Then sprayed with a mix of Vallejo Air Fire Red & Khorne Red from above, getting some of the shaded surfaces but not too much:

Then another highlight with Mephiston Red:

Then a final highlight with Mephiston Red & Vallejo Orange Fluo:

Then I painted the trim with Vallejo Bronze and Chaos Black for parts I'll be mostly painting with some sort of metallic silver:

I'll still need to incorporate washes and a glaze, but I'm generally happy with the results so far.

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