Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Homebrew: Khornate Spellbreaker

There was recently some talk on B&C about the existence and possible rules for psykers devoted to Khorne, and what sort of powers and such they would have. Personally, I think the idea of an anti-psyker is far more appropriate, so I came up with the Khornate Spellbreaker to realize that vision.

So, for funsies, here he is:


Khornate Spellbreaker: 115 points
WS5 BS4 S4 T4 I4 W2 A3 Ld9 Sv3+

A Khornate Spellbreaker may be taken as an HQ choice in a Khorne Daemonkin army, and may fill the HQ requirement of any formation found in Codex: Khorne Daemonkin.

Power Armor
Bolt Pistol
Frag Grenades
Krak Grenades
Mark of Khorne
Bloodrune Collar 
Witcheater Blade

Bloodrune Collar: +2 to Deny the Witch Rolls, +2 dice to the controlling player's warp charge pool for Deny the Witch attempts
Witcheater Blade: Range - S: User AP: 3 Type: Melee, Rending, Witcheater
Witcheater: Unsaved wounds dealt to an enemy with the Psyker special rule cause Instant Death.

Special Rules:
Independent Character (Infantry)
Blood for the Blood God!
Skulls for the Skull Throne!
Adamantium Will
Preferred Enemy (Psykers)
Rancorous Aura
"Try it, witch"

Rancorous Aura: The Khornate Spellbreaker may attempt to Deny the Witch with full modification from Adamantium Will and the Bloodrune Collar for any and all enemy psychic powers manifested within 24". In addition, the Spellbreaker's controlling player receives double the d6 roll for warp charges generated during the opponent's psychic phase. A Spellbreaker may never join a unit with the Psyker special rule.

"Try it, witch": Any psychic power successfully cast on the Spellbreaker or his unit automatically causes the psyker who manifested the power to immediately roll on the Perils of the Warp table, re-rolling all Warp Surge results. Friendly psykers who attempt to manifest powers within 24" of the Spellbreaker must roll a 5+ instead of 4+ to utilize warp charges.

May take items from the Special Issue Wargear, Gifts of Khorne, Melee Weapons, and/or Artefacts of Slaughter lists.
The Khornate Spellbreaker may replace his Power Armor, grenades, and Bolt Pistol with Terminator Armor and a Combi-bolter for 25 points.

I think the Spellbreaker pales in comparison to the Imperium faction's anti-psyker, the Culexus Assassin. However, he is cheaper to field, may be attached to units, and may take a few upgrades to improve his defensive/offensive potential. Upgraded with the Brazen Rune he'd be even better at his job. Over all I think he's fun and effective, and IMO the points cost is about right.