Tuesday, July 7, 2015

WIP: Juggerspawn

As mentioned before, the theme of the Brass Stampede Khorne Daemonkin legion is juggernauts. Here, I've begun painting the first juggernaut in the army, which is a counts-as spawn.

Black primer, Balthasar Gold basecoat, Boltgun Metal trim, Mephiston Red headplate:

All done and told, I think I have about 50 juggernauts in various stages of assembly in my collection. 15 juggerspawn, 18 skullcrusher/bikers, 1 lord on juggernaut, and the rest undecided as to their fate. I think 15 spawn is enough (maaaybe), so who knows?

I want to have various breeds (paint schemes) im my daemonic herd to differentiate units and provide some flavor. If I can muster some creativity I'll come up with names for them. 

If you can think of any cool sounding breed names for juggernauts, please leave a comment!

1 comment:

  1. Color scheme is awesome. I'd be tempted to throw some weathering on there to give some verdigris and such!

    As for names...I'd go with varieties of metals as a base (which might also fit your colorscheme).

    Iron breakers
    Steel slicers
    Brass gnashers
    Copper chompers