Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WIP: Arctos Gorehowl

I've replaced the Rampagers torso with a Sanguinary Guard chest plate (sans nipples). I think it's a little more ornate and that's what I'm going for. I can still add spikes and Khornate details. I dunno, skulls come to mind?


I lengthened the spear, which is made of two separate Skullcrushers of Khorne spear bits. The blade is from Be'lakor's sword:


It's long, but I think it needs to be. Arctos is riding around on a dragon and his weapon is definitely not just for show. It's gotta be long enough to stab infantry, so there we are.


Early work on his right shoulder pad, a "gladiator" looking spaulder from the Red Butchers kit from FW. I've used a Dremel tool to grind away the terminator's arm. It's still a little lacking at this point.


Here I've glued the gladiator spauler to a cut-away portion from a large one from the CSM kit. It bulks it up a bit and I think almost completes the look.


His left spaulder is from the Minotaurs chaplain from FW. Such an awesome sculpt, but a little too clean for a lord of a daemonkin legion.


There we go. A good start to looking more daemonic. It's easy to get carried away with horns and such, but I love it. The challenge is going to be finding the right angle, as I don't want it to look like the horns would interfere with his mobility by knocking into his backpack.

I'm having a blast working on this guy. This is my most ambitious project to date, and I can't wait until he's finished!


  1. Looks cool so far, it will be interesting to see him finished.

    1. Thanks, Rolz! He's sort of a long-term project because I want him to be perfect, but I'll do my best to work on him periodically.