Friday, May 29, 2015

WIP: Warp Dragon Conversion

Here are some preliminary mock-ups for Arctos Gorehowl on warp dragon:

I'm liking the combination of spare horns from the bloodthirster kit and horns snipped from a CSM helmet. Either one on their own seemed lacking, but together I think they bring balance and complement each other well. The smaller horns can also be swung outward, with their ends slightly away from the head as well, if that ends up looking good.

Keep in mind that the blu-tack doesn't keep things perfectly in position, so obviously the angles would be "perfect" and at least equal to each other when it's pinned and glued.

And now, for the wings. This is the best I can do, the angle/position isn't ideal but it's hard to take pictures and hold things in place at the same time:

The next task is to work on Arctos Gorehowl himself, but I still don't have all the bits I need for him.

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